Zoe Foster Blake proves you can run after having children

The author and founder of cult skincare brand Go-To, took to Instagram to share her accomplishment of running her first 6km in six years and explains how she got over her fear of running after giving birth to two children. 

Learning to love to run is no easy feat. It takes time, dedication and a lot of willpower.

But the feeling of accomplishing that running goal of yours – whether that’s hitting the 1km mark or completing your first marathon – is something that’s irreplaceable and is a feeling that Zoe Foster Blake can relate to.

The author and mother-of-two took to Instagram explaining how she managed to smash out her first 6k run in six years.

Fresh-faced and dressing in activewear, she captioned her post-run selfie: “This smug slug just ran 6k which doesn’t sound like much BUT! I have not ‘run’ for 6 years. Started again in July.”

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The founder of cult skincare brand Go-To went on to explain how her first pregnancy “messed” with her body, making it hard to do high-intensity exercise such as running.

“I stopped running in my first pregnancy, which gifted me both osteitis pubis and a fracture through the pubis. These were super fucked, (I blogged on it at zotheysay.com for anyone suffering the same thing – don’t assume pain in your back, groin, adductors etc are “normal” and to be “sucked up” during pregnancy) (and I swear by osteopathy) and messed with me a lot.”

While her second pregnancy went smoothly, she was still afraid her body wouldn’t be able to handle the impact of running.

“I did a ton of pilates and had a fantastic second pregnancy, which should’ve been a clue, but I still wouldn’t run, assuming cardio/impact stuff was out for me.”

She continued: “I think eventually the pain was no longer in my body, just my head. And now here I am! Feelin’ great! Only took a pandemic to get me running again!”

Foster-Blake gave a special shout out to her “tights with side pockets for big phones” and her Spotify workout playlist for helping her achieve her running goal, which can be found here if you’re looking for that perfect mix of pumping tunes and motivational lyrics.

The 40-year-old’s post has since encouraged other mothers to overcome their running fear.

“Oh my gosh! I have osteitis pubis too post birth. Was an avid runner prior. It’s such a bummer. Thanks for sharing. Congrats on such an awesome achievement, can’t wait to be back there again too,” one person commented.

Another wrote: “I really want to start running again after two pregnancy’s and a knee surgery (which was almost 8 years ago now) but my head always talks me out of it, maybe I should give the C25 a go! What could possibly go wrong?!”

Remember, slow and easy wins the race – but you’ll get there in the end if you really put your mind to it… and download Zoe’s Spotify playlist. Yes, It really is that good.

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